Churches/Ministries Application Procedures

Application packets are available to all churches and evangelistic ministries whose operation is in agreement with the principles, nature and purpose of FCF Int’l Church, Inc. In order to begin the process the applicant must fulfill the specific requirements listed in the application for the connection type being sought.  (See Connection Types page for details.)
Must submit the appropriate completed application, all forms contained in the application packet and all other requested documents.
Must submit an application fee, the amount of which is stated in the appropriate application.
Action will not be taken on any application until the fee, completed forms and other requested documents have been returned to the FCF Int’l Office.
Upon review and approval of the Application Packet by the FCF board:

  1. The applicant for Association will be presented with an Associate Certificate and attendant materials via US mail.
  2. The applicant for Affiliation will receive via US mail the Affiliation Documents as described in the appropriate application.  After the completed Affiliation Documents are returned to the FCF Int’l Office, the FCF corporate attorney will complete the incorporation process
*Those living outside the USA should contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view directly.