By Pat Harrison President & Founder

As a parent, I was so excited when my children learned to say “momma” and “dadda.” Buddy and I had enjoyed their learning experiences. But we weren’t nearly as excited when they started asking “why?” We didn’t mind so much the questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” or “Why does the sun shine?” But as they got older, there were other questions that were a little more difficult and not so much fun to answer: “Why can’t I go to my friend’s house?” or “Why do I have to make my bed and do the dishes?” if you’ve ever been a parent, you remember those days.

You may be wondering, “Why should I go to Family Church Conference? Why should I encourage my staff and congregation to go? After all, it’s been a tough year in many ways.”

Years ago, God spoke to Buddy and me to have a conference. Then in 1981, He told us that we were to pastor pastors and ministers.

When God speaks, He always speaks for a purpose. He doesn’t talk to hear Himself talk, and I don’t host a conference just so that I can say, “I’m having a conference.”

Family Church Conference is a special, meaningful time. It is part of God’s purpose for our Faith Christian Fellowship International Family.

At the end of February, the staff and I sat down and reminisced about past conferences and the reasons we enjoy hosting Family Church Conference. There are six, short videos online for you to view by clicking here.

I would love to hear how the Lord has blessed you when you’ve come to conference.

I look forward to seeing you June 25-28 here in Tulsa at the Southern Hills Marriott Hotel.

God bless you.