How Hard Can It Be?

Gail Buse
International Ambassador

Twice in the Old Testament, God asked, “Is there anything too hard for Me?”

The first time God asked that, He had promised Abraham and Sarah a son. At their advanced age, having a child was impossible—but not for God.

The second time God asked that, He had told Jeremiah to buy a piece of property. Now on the surface that doesn’t appear to be a big deal, but it was.

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How Do You Handle Demands and Pressure?

I’m sure you have heard or used the expression, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” That is pretty much what we are experiencing in our modern culture. We are so bombarded with details and choices that we can’t distinguish between the vital and the important, that we can’t focus on the key issue. What are we to do when we’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands and pressures?

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How Do We Work Together?

//Lonnie Hilton
National Director & International Vice President

“But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased Him." -- 1 Corinthians 12:18

God puts things together the way He wants. We see this truth in the physical body. It is also true in the local church.

God calls the ministers and church members to a particular church. Each member is called and placed in the body according to God’s plan. A church functions the best when each person is in his or her place and making his or her supply of the Spirit. That is the way the kingdom of God increases. Since this is the case, it is impossible to overstate the significance of every member.

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Five Things a Leader Never Does

//Buddy Harrison, Co-Founder

There is a difference between ruling and leading, and it has to do with understanding authority and responsibility. A leader never takes authority where he doesn’t have responsibility.

In forcing you to do things, a ruler is usurping authority. However, a leader understands God’s order of authority and responsibility. Instead of usurping authority, a leader shows you the way. He steps out and goes first. He says, “This is the way, folks. Come on.”

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Don’t Receive an Offense

By Pat Harrison President & Founder

One can hardly watch the news, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper without coming across a story about someone demanding an apology from someone else.

I realize this is a sign of the times, the last days that we’re living in, when men will be lovers of self rather than lovers of God. But it saddens me when I see so many in the Body of Christ who take offense over something said about them or done to them.

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