July 2017


As you read this month’s report, you will see the acceleration of ministry taking place around the world. Now we are in the middle of our most active months for Leadership Summits, teams, and outreaches taking place throughout the FCF family. Below are just a few of the reports we are sharing with you.

I just returned from the Dominican Republic, and in just a few short days Bob and I will travel to Europe and Africa for three months of ministry. We start in the Ukraine and then travel on to Africa where we will minister in seven Leadership Summits and five smaller relational gatherings.

The theme this year for the Leadership Summits is “The Gospel” and “the Believer’s Ministry.”

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June 2017

Dear Gospel Partner,

What is your impression of India? That will depend upon your education, experience, and exposure. India has long been on my radar as a mission destination and for most of us through the years we have encounter missionaries who have lived and served in India.

India has a rich history of famous missionaries. Church tradition tells us that the Apostle Thomas was martyred there in A.D. 52 for the cause of the Gospel of Christ. In 1793, William Carey went to Kolkata. A champion for Christ, Amy Carmichael served fifty-five years in India without furlough. In spite of these and many other evangelists, India still remains one of the most unreached countries in the world. Out of 2,289 people groups in India, only 218 have been reached with the Gospel. Just two percent profess to be Evangelical Christians. That means 90.5% of India’s 1.3 billion people is unreached. To qualify as unreached means the people have had no contact with a Christian or the Gospel.

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May 2017

Dear Co-Laborer,

This month I want to introduce you to our newest FCF missionary. This young man is exceptional, and his dedication and passion for the kingdom is contagious. Bob and I have known Terrance Cummins (T.J.) for the past seven years. T.J. has traveled with us overseas and served in an internship with FCF. Now he is returning to Ireland to work fulltime with one of our FCF ministers.

The mantle on FCF is to connect relationally with the leaders and ministries of today and tomorrow, equip them to achieve the vision God has given, and empower them to walk in their divine destiny. It’s exciting when we see God raise up the next generation of leaders at FCF. I once heard a man of God say that success is not successful unless it is successive. Doesn’t it encourage your heart to see how God is always pressing forward into the future!

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April 2017

Dear FCF Family,

I thank God for your partnership in the advancement of the Gospel of Christ. The Apostle Paul recognized the importance of partnership and shared a special bond with the church at Philippi. They partnered with him in the furtherance of the Gospel.

I hope that when you read this month’s report you will see how our partnership has advanced the Gospel by equipping and developing believers and ministers in Kenya. In 2014 FCF purchased a laptop and projector for a new Bible School plant in Eldoret, Kenya. Later that year at the Kenya Leadership Summit, I had the opportunity to meet many of the students, most of whom are pastors. I was blessed to hear how the school had affected their lives and their churches. In 2015, Rev. Jonah Shirutsi approached FCF about planting two additional schools, one in Kapsabet and the other in Lodwar. Church Planting and Bible School Planting are a significant part of our global strategy in FCF. We have seen the impact of these Bible School Plants in the ministers who attend. Many have shared with me that they never had any formal training until we planted these schools.

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March 2017

Dear FCF Family,

In the attached article, Bob Buse reminds us that we are “sent ones.” Whether we travel to a different culture or across the street, we are anointed and appointed to take the message of the Gospel of Christ into our world. Our identification as sent ones compels us to cross boundaries and borders.

David Brainerd (April 20, 1718–October 9, 1747), a missionary to the Native Americans, had a fruitful ministry among the Delaware Indians of New Jersey in Colonial America. He wrote, “Here am I, send me; send me to the ends of the earth; send me to the rough, the savage lost of the wilderness; send me from all that is called comfort on earth; send me even to death itself, if it be but in your service, and to promote your kingdom.”

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February 2017

Dear Co-Laborer,

John Wesley once said, “Untold millions are still untold.” Today it is now billions—not millions—who have not heard the good news of the Gospel of Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ is actively at work advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom, preaching Christ and training laborers to be sent.

As you read this month’s letter, it will bless and enrich your heart to see the fruit of your prayers and seed. FCF is training laborers, stretching farther into unreached areas of the world to take the message of Christ, and reaching unreached people like the Magar of Nepal. We rejoice in the report of the seventeen new believers who came to Christ in Nepal because laborers were sent.

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January 2017

Happy New Year!

As 2017 dawns upon us my heart is full of anticipation and excitement. I know “time” is a commodity of the earth God has entrusted to us to use wisely. The wisest use of our time is setting our hands to the furtherance of the Gospel and the expansion of His Kingdom.

Jesus and Paul knew the value of time. Jesus shares in John 5:25, “The hour is coming and now is;” and in Matthew 16:3 he rebukes the Pharisees who could not “discern the signs of the times.” Paul wrote, "when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His son….” Time has been given to us to fulfill the purposes of God’s Kingdom. Like the sons of Issachar of old, we are people of the Kingdom who "understand the times" with knowledge of what we are to do.

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December 2016

Merry Christmas!

What a full year 2016 has been! FCF conducted 24 overseas Leadership Summits, and you made that possible. Our church plants and Bible school plants are expanding and growing. What’s exciting to see is how international FCF ministers have partnered financially in these plants.

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November 2016

Dear Fellow Laborer,

This year is rapidly coming to a close, and we are approaching the last of our overseas Leadership Summits. Communicating the fruitfulness of these summits in a short letter is difficult. The pastors, leaders and workers who attended will forever be changed. Some of the Bible School Plants are hosting their graduations in conjunction with the summit in their regions. FCF is fulfilling God’s mandate to reach the world and affecting a new generation of ministry, as they are prepared and sent into their world.

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October 2016

Dear Faithful Co-Partner in Christ,

"A little while, we are in eternity; before we find ourselves there, let us do much for Christ." –– Ann Judson

There is no greater investment than our investment in eternity. The eternal purpose of God and the advancement of His Kingdom must be our personal aim and our joint pursuit. Together we share a great passion for the proclamation of the gospel and the transformation of men’s hearts. As a corporate body, we see the Kingdom of God advancing and growing in the nations and in the people where we have been entrusted with a stewardship. Although it is impossible to share everything that is happening in this letter, you can see how your participation in the gospel is changing lives and impacting areas of the world. Every minister whose life is impacted represents a congregation. For every congregant, there are family and friends who are touched and transformed. Because of your partnership, together we are doing more and impacting more.

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September 2016

Dear Partner,

As followers of Christ, we are world Christians. By that I mean, we have a kingdom perspective and it influences the way we interpret world events. There is a quote by John Piper,

"To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him." Our prayers do affect nations for the advancement of the gospel of Christ.

I encourage you to pray for the nation of Nepal. The opportunity to share the message of Christ is under great opposition.

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August 2016

Greetings from Peru!

As you read this letter, my husband Bob and I are joining a team from NJ, and we are ministering to the precious people of Peru. It is exciting to see each person bringing their own gifts and talents. What a joy to minister to the children in the villages and towns, traveling even into the jungle

The opportunity to participate in the Leadership Summit in Peru is such a blessing for the pastors and the NJ Team. We are blessed to be a blessing!

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July 2016

Dear World Changer,

I know, as you read this month’s Partner Letter, you will be blessed by the impact our family is having around the world. Every one of the Bible Schools is preparing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. God’s Word and Spirit are shaping their lives, and we have a part in that process. These reports represent just a small portion of the areas of the world where are our FCF family members are working and reaching.

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June 2016

Dear Co-laborer,

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the fruit from seeds sown into the lives of people. In 2014, FCF committed to support a new church plant in the city of Concepción, Chile. Our family partnered with FCF Minister, Daniel Gonzalez, as he moved his entire family over 1,118 miles from Antofagasta to Concepción to plant a new church. Now that plant has planted a new church in the city of Chillán!

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May 2016

Dear Co-laborer and Partner,

In the fifteenth chapter of John, the Lord exhorts, “He chose us and appointed us to go and bear fruit that will remain.” Each one of the reports shared this month is about fruitfulness, fruit that will remain, seeds planted for the Kingdom of God in the lives of people!

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April 2016

Dear Partners,

What a privilege it is to represent the family of FCF and share the Word of God to our global family! Bob and I have just returned from our time in Asia. Around the world in 57days, we took 26 different flights; traveled thousands of miles; visited 6 countries; conducted 7 Leadership Summits; ministered to more than 250 church pastors, leaders, and students; and spent 100 hours in the pulpit. God is Faithful! He gave us much fruit from Asia on this trip, and we trust the Word and ministry that took place will insure lasting fruit. We are privileged to represent the family of FCF.

There are many highlights from the trip. The ones that stand out are the opportunities to lay hands on Bible school graduates, sending them out to their God-ordained assignments, and praying for the pastors who returned to their flocks inspired and encouraged. We have been blessed to experience the zeal and vision of Asians to reach their own people and beyond. Many open doors to plant new churches in least-reached regions have emerged. We are looking forward to partnering with these pioneers in the near future.

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March 2016

Dear Faith Partners,

Missions On the Road

As you read this Partner Letter, Bob and I are in the middle of a nine week trip in Asia. Our time here has been very fruitful. To date, we have taught in 2 Bible Schools, conducted a 2-day Relational Gathering in Nagaland and another in Ambajipeta, (Andhra Pradesh State). During the month of March, we will be in Singapore speaking at a Leadership Summit for FCF ministers and then travel to Malaysia to participate in the Leadership Summit near Kuala Lumpur. I will travel further into Malaysia to be with FCF missionaries who live and work in a restricted area. Bob goes on to Vietnam with FCF Asia Regional Representative, Balie Kirha, for a 3-day Leadership Summit. We meet back in Singapore and then travel to Cebu City, Philippines for another Leadership Summit. Our last stop in Asia is on the island of Mindanao to meet with the Manobo Chieftains. This Divine appointment is a tremendous open door for the Gospel.

One of the schools where we taught the Word of Faith is Asia Soul Winners Bible School. AWS teaches ministers and believers during a concentrated time, preparing them to reach into unreached areas. The students who attend are either returning to an unreached area or they are planting churches in those regions. We were privileged to share the Word to a group returning to Arunachal Pradesh in north India near the China border. These students are being sent back into areas that are polluted with Hindu and Buddhist strongholds. Review below the report from Rev. Khing on these specific areas where nationals are taking the Word of Faith and healing to the sick and needy.

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February 2016

Dear Faithful Partner,

As you read the following reports, I hope you are as blessed as I am. Each testimony speaks of FRUITFULNESS—eternal fruit that is abounding in Bolivia, Mexico, and in the Himalayas among the Tibetans. In each place a faithful member of the FCF family is laboring and planting the seed of the Word and that seed is watered by our prayers and faith.

How exciting it is to hear how the Church of Jesus Christ is growing in Bolivia! With that growth comes a good problem—they need more room to grow!

As co-laborers together with Christ, we are participating with our family even in the farthest places like the villages in the Himalayas, a region of the world that is considered unreached. How it encourages my heart to know that FCF is doing our part in preaching the gospel to those who have not heard and may not even know a Christian! Places such as these have no or few indigenous churches.

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January 2016

Dear FCF Family,

“God is a God of missions. He wills missions. He commands missions. He demands missions. He made missions possible through His Son. He made missions actual in sending the Holy Spirit.” — George W. Peters

As I review our global reach in 2015, I am amazed at all that we accomplished as a family in World Missions. This is more than a financial report. I hope that you see how far our reach extends as the family of Faith Christian Fellowship. I cannot begin to tally the number of lives that have been affected and changed.

Numbers don’t communicate the power of a transformed life. This report shows our accountability and stewardship. But if you read between the lines, you’ll see the global impact we are making as the family of FCF. We are actively pursuing our global strategy of START, SEND, and SUSTAIN.

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December 2015

Dear Faithful Partner,

During this Christmas season, I am thinking about the announcement that the angels declared at Christ’s birth. They proclaimed the Gospel and the heart of the Father God: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (Luke 2:14)

This is the message of the Great Commission. Our God is exalted, and in Christ He has demonstrated His goodwill to all humanity. Through Christ alone we find peace, peace with God. As I write this last partner letter for the year 2015, we celebrate together the greatness of our God and the joy of participating with Him in the advancement of His Kingdom.

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