June 2017

Dear Gospel Partner,

What is your impression of India? That will depend upon your education, experience, and exposure. India has long been on my radar as a mission destination and for most of us through the years we have encounter missionaries who have lived and served in India.

India has a rich history of famous missionaries. Church tradition tells us that the Apostle Thomas was martyred there in A.D. 52 for the cause of the Gospel of Christ. In 1793, William Carey went to Kolkata. A champion for Christ, Amy Carmichael served fifty-five years in India without furlough. In spite of these and many other evangelists, India still remains one of the most unreached countries in the world. Out of 2,289 people groups in India, only 218 have been reached with the Gospel. Just two percent profess to be Evangelical Christians. That means 90.5% of India’s 1.3 billion people is unreached. To qualify as unreached means the people have had no contact with a Christian or the Gospel.

India is a country held in bondage to Hinduism and its system of 3,000 castes and 25,000 subcastesAlso, there are 1,652 languages spoken among its people. Its religious and cultural issues and diverse languages help us to understand the roadblocks and barriers church workers face in penetrating India with the Gospel.

In spite of these roadblocks and barriers, the Gospel is going forth in power and demonstration. You will rejoice in the report we received from Prem, our Relational Representative in Odisha:

“A three-day gospel meeting was held at Burujango Village, Gajapati District of Odisha state from May 2-4 2017. It was estimated that about 1200 to 1500 people attended the meeting every evening. It is said that about 40 to 50 percent of the people who attended the meetings were unbeliever communities, and many heard the gospel message for the first time.

“During the meeting, many youths accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior, and God demonstrated His power through many healings and signs. The weather forecasted heavy rain and thunderstorm for the week of the meetings, but a miraculous sign happened on the first two nights. Torrential rain came all across, beyond 500 meters radius of the place of the meeting, but not a single drop of rain fell on the ground for the glory of God.

“An eight-year-old boy born completely deaf and dumb was brought to the meeting by his father on the third evening from a remote village 21 kilometers away from the meeting place. One eventful night, God’s healing power touched the boy, and for the first in eight years from birth he began to hear and tried to utter words spoken to him without any sign language. Praise be to Jesus Christ the Lord!”

FCF Relational Representatives Khriesito and Grace Zopianga share an update of the work that is taking place in their region. They write, “Praise the Lord! We here in the north India have had a wonderful week. From May 23-25, we visited Arunachal Pradesh where we had a teaching seminar on the FCF Continuing Education, and we shared on the two basic subjects of the Gospel and the ministry of believers. There were pastors from ten different churches from all parts of Arunachal. Some of them traveled three days to get to the place where we were having the meeting, so it was really encouraging.

“The place is called Kimin. It’s on the border with Assam, just on the foothills. We traveled by road for twelve hours straight, but none of our team had any difficulty. To top it off, the night we arrived, a herd of wild elephants came through the village and destroyed their banana plantations and bamboo groves, but despite all that the people still came to the meetings. We were also able to get some good books, mostly Andrew Wommack’s books in English and Hindi, to all who attended.

“On May 28, we dedicated our FCF office at the ground level in our home, and except for two, all the rest of the Dimapur group turned up, and we are planning for outreach programs and others events. We are thankful to FCF for all these connections and opportunities to network with different people.”

These are glorious reports! God is opening doors of opportunity. Let’s join together and continue to pray that they will speak the Word of God with boldness and that the Word of God will have free course in the nation of India.

Together we are reaping the Harvest!

Gail Buse

International Ambassador