September 2016

Dear Partner,

As followers of Christ, we are world Christians. By that I mean, we have a kingdom perspective and it influences the way we interpret world events. There is a quote by John Piper,

"To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him." Our prayers do affect nations for the advancement of the gospel of Christ.

I encourage you to pray for the nation of Nepal. The opportunity to share the message of Christ is under great opposition.

Update on Tensions in Nepal

The FCF Relational Representative, DK Daniel, shares that the opposition has increased and the government has denied Christian Leaders permits for their Children's Homes, accusing the leaders of converting the children to Christianity and charging them with child trafficking. The accusations are unfounded, as the pro Hindu Government is using these tactics to harass and imprison Christian workers. DK asked for our prayers, as the new government can make amendments according to the religious freedom granted under their constitution. The anti- Christian actions not only impact the Christian Leaders, but the lives of the orphans and children under their care.

For many years Nepal was closed to the gospel; but, as the church began to pray for the unreached areas of the world, we have seen many doors open in what were closed nations. Now Pastors and believers are being arrested under false pretense, beaten and held in custody to intimidate, and then eventually released.

DK shared, "The Ministry of Culture circulated a letter to all District Development offices to stop organizations if they preach, talk or spread the gospel. Now lawmakers are proposing a bill to close Christian NGOs and organizations. Under this anti-conversion bill, Christian activities and Christians will be treated as criminals.”

From the Himalayas

One of our FCF Ministers reports on the great things that are taking place for the Kingdom of God. On May 18-20, they were in Jiri to speak in an ethnic Tibetan youth conference, where they had over 100 youth present. They were able to teach and encourage the youth personally to be a disciple of Christ. The teaching focused mainly on making disciples and developing new disciples. It was a blessed conference for all the youth.

“The final night of our conference, we prayed for one lady who was possessed by an evil spirit. When we prayed for her, the evil spirit left her and she was completely healed. As a result of this youth conference, two Tibetan sisters accepted the Lord Jesus Christ."

We also received this wonderful report. "In June, English language classes were begun for trekking guides, college and students. Through this language class, we have been able to share the Gospel often, and as a result of this language center, some students are attending our small group fellowship. We have 18 students coming to the class regularly."

Let's join our faith and prayers with them, that the gospel will penetrate the hearts of these students, and that they will commit their lives to Christ.

The message of Christ is impacting Nepal and Tibet. Continue to pray for the FCF family and the many men and women who labor for Christ under persecution. Pray that they are delivered from wicked and unreasonable men, and that the Word of God has free course.

Together we are all participating in the advancement of the Kingdom of God, each of us doing our part....praying, sending and going!

Reaping the Harvest,

Gail Buse

International Ambassador