October 2016

Dear Faithful Co-Partner in Christ,

"A little while, we are in eternity; before we find ourselves there, let us do much for Christ." –– Ann Judson

There is no greater investment than our investment in eternity. The eternal purpose of God and the advancement of His Kingdom must be our personal aim and our joint pursuit. Together we share a great passion for the proclamation of the gospel and the transformation of men’s hearts. As a corporate body, we see the Kingdom of God advancing and growing in the nations and in the people where we have been entrusted with a stewardship. Although it is impossible to share everything that is happening in this letter, you can see how your participation in the gospel is changing lives and impacting areas of the world. Every minister whose life is impacted represents a congregation. For every congregant, there are family and friends who are touched and transformed. Because of your partnership, together we are doing more and impacting more.

FCF Kenya Leadership Summit
Pastor Victor Mwangi shares the following: “The Kenya Summit was awesome. People came from all over Kenya and Uganda. Many of them traveled overnight and some two days to the conference. More than 159 attended the summit. On Friday, God moved in the most supernatural, unexpected manner. We had local guest speakers who really blessed people with the Word.”

FCF South Africa Leadership Summits - Johannesburg
Relational Representative Mike Young shares: “Firstly, a great big thank you from all the delegates who attended the two summits. We truly appreciate the generosity of FCF and the donors who give so generously into the fund that enables us to hold conferences like this here in South Africa. The delegates look forward to these conferences each year as a highlight on their spiritual calendar. Without you and FCF, we would not be able to do this at all.

On the Friday evening Gareth conducted the ordination service in which 13 ministers were ordained. He was really outstanding in the way he got the message of ordination across. He eloquently elaborated on the history and ethos of FCF in his message. Tracy had a word for every one of them. It was the highlight of the conference, and a group of visitors from 350 kilometers away arrived to support one of the ordination delegates. Another highlight was Tracy and Gareth praying for and laying hands on every person at the end of the conference. A great family atmosphere prevailed, which was in line with the theme of the Word being preached. This conference has become the ‘home event’ on the calendar of the leaders: a wonderful time of fellowship and getting to know the newer folk. They feel that they get ‘topped up’ here.”


Mike continues, “The meetings were outstanding with the Word again dovetailing amazingly – all about hearing God and faith in each message. Gareth was excellent in the way he put this across – direct and to the point. Tracy had a prayer line for all those not speaking in tongues. When prayed for, each one received the Holy Spirit. We had a healing line too, and many were healed.

“These conferences give the FCF fraternity a sense of belonging and being part of something substantial. Most of the delegates are quite isolated in their own areas, and it was a wonderful opportunity for them to fellowship with those they only really see at these summits. Even in Newcastle it was difficult to get them away from the tea and meal tables. The delegates appreciated the integrity of what they were taught and the credibility of those teaching. I sincerely believe that all the effort and finances put into the conferences were to good effect and most beneficial to those attending. They all went away richer than they were before.”

Church Plant in Rwanda

I received an update from Pastor Saka Saka in Rwanda on the church plant in Kigali. The Sunday services have grown to 40-50 in attendance. Many people are hungry for the Word and coming from other churches to attend the evening Bible teaching on Tuesday through Friday nights. Pastor Saka Saka shares, “We thank God for His goodness, favor and increase. Church is doing very well. We know you are praying for us.”

As you read these short testimonials, know that the Father’s heart is blessed by your eternal investment in the lives of people. Thank you for your prayers, faith, and financial partnership for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Reaping a Harvest together,

Gail J. Buse

International Ambassador