December 2016

Merry Christmas!

What a full year 2016 has been! FCF conducted 24 overseas Leadership Summits, and you made that possible. Our church plants and Bible school plants are expanding and growing. What’s exciting to see is how international FCF ministers have partnered financially in these plants.

This new church planted by FCF ministers
in the Phillipines floats on the river.

The Philippines
Dutch Manzano, the FCF Relational Representative in the Philippines, just returned from dedicating the new tribal church in Batocan, Talacogon; the new plant in Agpangon, Lapaz; and the new Tribal Mission Outreach in Maharlika, Talacogon, which floats right on the river.


FCF minister Tatenda Gunguwo conveys his gratitude to the FCF family on our celebration of FCF Day around the world: “We are excited to be part of this big family with great values. Over the past years, we have benefitted much from this mutual partnership in the area of pastors’ training conferences where FCF has come alongside and helped by sending us seasoned international ministers who brought powerful teachings to pastors and leaders. We have held pastors’ conferences in town and rural settings where the faith message has never been heard. We have witnessed the ordination of more than 200 pastors. FCF has helped us to train and encourage church planting. The pastors have been motivated to plant churches. We have seen seven FCF churches planted in the past two years. Also, the existing churches have had tremendous growth spiritually and numerically.

We have had financial support for our conferences. We say happy FCF Day, Makorokoto Amhlope.”

FCF India Summit
Revs. Khriesito and Grace Zopianga conducted a Leadership Summit during November in Nagaland. Pastor Grace shares, “We finished a wonderful summit, and the amazing thing is that every year it seems to be better than the last. We had a lot of first-time attendees, and I am sure that many will join up soon. We had sixty registered delegates, two from Bhutan, and the others were from the different states of India.

“The speakers were all so great! It’s like the Holy Spirit was just connecting them. We had Balie Kirha and Melody McPherson do three sessions each, and four other speakers (Pastors Samuel, Solo, and James) had one session.

“Finances were raised through the churches in Dimapur and a few others. We are really proud of the fact that we are learning to do things on our own. The FCF day offerings are coming in, and it’s making a big difference.

“The highlight of our summit was the feet-washing we had at the end of the session where we the hosts washed the feet of the others who had come. All were touched by that experience, as we were reminded of what Jesus our Lord had done for us. We praise and thank the Lord for the great privilege to serve the Body of Christ.”

Pastor DK Limbu Daniel shares a few highlights of his ministry work in Nepal: “On October 31 to November 2, we had a Youth Conference in Damak, East Nepal. There were around 150 youth from different parts of Nepal; young people were greatly blessed. Many were planning to leave the ministry and to work overseas. Others were living in discouragement and loneliness, but the conference changed their lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. Many want to go to Bible school and the mission field. We need partners to educate them and send them to mission fields. This seminar was designed to teach on spirit, soul and body, a complete man. For many this was a new subject. They had heard occasionally but not systematically. In this seminar they learned that problem lies not in our spirit and body but in our soul which needs to be renewed by the word of God.”

God is so good! We have much to be thankful for and to rejoice about!

All the Glory belongs to our King!

Gail Buse

International Ambassador