February 2017

Dear Co-Laborer,

John Wesley once said, “Untold millions are still untold.” Today it is now billions—not millions—who have not heard the good news of the Gospel of Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ is actively at work advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom, preaching Christ and training laborers to be sent.

As you read this month’s letter, it will bless and enrich your heart to see the fruit of your prayers and seed. FCF is training laborers, stretching farther into unreached areas of the world to take the message of Christ, and reaching unreached people like the Magar of Nepal. We rejoice in the report of the seventeen new believers who came to Christ in Nepal because laborers were sent.

FCF Missionaries Jim and Sue Christie share about the ministry that took place in Pastor Jonah Shirutsi’s church. They write, “It was such a joy to be able to minister together at Living Hope Church in Eldoret, Kenya. Our dear friend, Pastor Jonah, hosted a Family Conference with five churches represented. They were so hungry for the Word! Meetings lasted from 9 AM to 8 PM Wednesday through Saturday, as well as the Sunday service. Sue taught about the Father’s love, and Jim taught about the Grace of God. From the first service, the presence of God was manifest in such a wonderful way. Many people’s lives were truly transformed. For 2017, we have been asked to return to Eldoret, as well as a small town nearby called Turbo. Pastor Jonah has also asked us to travel to Uganda with him to minister in a Bible school that he opened.”

This Bible school plant in Tororo, Uganda, is just one of the new FCF Bible school plants under the supervision of FCF Minister Jonah Shirutsi.

FCF Relational Representative Deu Limbu (D.K. Daniel) is tenaciously advancing the Kingdom of God in the nation of Nepal. He shares, “We had our FCF Leadership Summit in December 5-7. There were above 100 participants from local churches and outside Kathmandu.

This Summit was by invitation only. Our speakers were from Dimapur, Nagaland: FCF Relational Representatives Revs. Khriesito and Grace Zopianga. They taught on righteousness. The leaders were enlightened and enriched with the Word of God. And seventeen ministers were ordained and licensed.

Graduates of the 21st Batch from the School of Ministry

We had 54 students this January 10-27. The next school in Kathmandu is February 5-18.

We went to Khanigaon, Burtibang, Baglung, driving for eighteen hours and then walking five hours. One of our missionary couples is doing a great work there. They moved to that area in May and started a church fellowship. We have seen seventeen people baptized in these places with temperatures below 2C'. They were all from the Magar tribe.”

The Magar are one of the oldest known tribes in Nepal, an unreached people group with only 1.2% Christian. The great majority of the Eastern Magar practice ethnic religions, while the minority are practicing Hindus.

Thank you for partnering with FCF in our global strategy of START, SEND and SUSTAIN and your involvement with our church planting and Bible school plants. FCF has faithful men like Jonah in Kenya and D.K. in Nepal who are advancing the kingdom and training leaders. FCF has seven Bible school plants under the supervision of Jonah. Many of these pastors and leaders have never had systematic Biblical or theological training for ministry. In Nepal we are church planting, and D.K. is training leaders in mobile Bible Schools. As we partner with these faithful servants, we are reaching the unreached around the world.

Reaping the Harvest,

Gail J. Buse
International Ambassador