Quick Facts

In the United States today . . . .

  • The average church has less than 100 members.
  • Church attendance is either declining or plateauing.
  • Ministers face shifting values, declining morals, and increased societal and political pressure to conform to the worldview.
  • Ministers are looking for ways to reach their communities with a faith-based message.
  • Ministers are looking for peer-to-peer relationships.
  • Ministers are needing accurate legal and financial direction more than ever.
  • Ministers are looking for ways to remain conversant with contemporary technology.

Our goal at Faith Christian Fellowship International is to provide ministers, churches, and ministries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with fellowship, information, inspiration, and relationships.

We are an organization without the legalism of denomination.

We work hard to provide each minister, church, and ministry with a sense of belonging and relationship through:

  • Security: Providing services that give you peace of mind in all areas of your ministry – spiritual, financial, legal, and administrative.
  • Appreciation: Providing an organization in which you are loved and accepted.
  • Fellowship: Providing opportunities for like-minded, maturing ministers to build godly relationships where they are encouraged and supported.
  • Purpose: Working with you to see your God-given vision and call fulfilled
  • Spiritual Growth: Providing anointed teaching, helpful services, and relevant materials Liberty, spiritual and natural, is a precious commodity. Some people believe that becoming part of an organization means the loss of freedom. In FCF International we believe that we enter into a greater liberty when we come together as a family within the family of God.

Perhaps the most precious liberty is that we accept you as a unique gift from God. Your ministry is not asked to become like others, but each ministry is given the opportunity to make its supply of the Spirit so that the Great Commission is fulfilled. Simply put, you are free to be who God has made you to be.

Also in FCF, we have a freedom to worship the Lord and to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry can be a difficult road. Often ministers feel isolated and alone. When ministers do not have covenant relationships with their peers, they lose out on the gift of friendships and a safe place to share, seek counsel, and be themselves. This is the strength of FCF: covenant relationships. We laugh together, we cry together, we are honest with one another, and we grow in God together. We have the liberty to be ourselves and to fellowship with like-minded believers whose desire to fulfill the vision and call God has given.

If all this is what you are looking for, then you have found your safe harbor and freedom to be among friends. We welcome you and look forward to the journey, finishing the race together until Christ’s return.

At Faith Christian Fellowship International, we offer a strong foundation by being committed to and established in a biblical-based theology.