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Happy Caldwell and Dr. Scott Stewart (2x AM sessions)   Happy Caldwell  (1x PM session)   Jen ..
Character On Line With God
by Pat Harrison We love the gifts of the Spirit. But there is more to one’s relationship with the H..
Choosing Wisely in Life
by Buddy Harrison Everyday you are faced with choices. The choices you make determine your destiny...
Covenant Relationships
by Bob Buse God is in relationship with Himself: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Since we are created..
Doors of Opportunity
by Pat Harrison In this message, Pat Harrison explains how to recognize Godly opportunities and wal..
by Pat Harrison Drawing near to the Lord and focusing on Him ensures our victory and the completion ..
Four Faces of Jesus
by Pat Harrison A look at the facets of the personality of Jesus as revealed in the Book of Revelati..
Go To The Mountain
by Pat Harrison Does your life seem empty, out of control, or cluttered? Are you feeling frustrated,..
God's Glory, God's Love
by Pat Harrison Do you desire to know the glory, to see the glory, and to be aware of God's glory? ..
Have You Found The Missing Piece?
by Lonnie Hilton You are the focus of God's love, and He meant for you to be born into the world at..
How to Receive an Offering
by Buddy Harrison In these last days of the great harvest and the infusion of finances into the han..
I Love The Holy Ghost
by Pat Harrison When Jesus returned to heaven, He promised the disciples another Comforter, one who..
It's Okay To Be You
by Pat Harrison Your job or ministry does not define who you are. That is what you do for a living...
Jesus, Our Peace
by Pat Harrison Jesus is the Prince of Peace. But knowing this Scripture and experiencing His peace ..
Motivation For A Mission
by Bob Buse Jesus was very focused and motivated in His ministry. What drove His motivation? The sam..